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2004 RN Champions

Region 2      
7500 MOD Gary Diekman 6200 4WD Tom Worth
8000 SS Keith Middleton 6200 2WD Trevor Cox
10,000 PS Jeff Parker 9300 SF Jerry Kuehnlein
Region 3      
7500 MOD Bret Berg 6200 4WD Carol Suchy
6200 SS D Pfund/ K Stamm 6200 2WD Corey Kielmeyer
8000 SS Brian Korth 9300 SF Dan Schulte
10,000 PS Tom Gallitz    
Region 4      
7500 MOD Chad Schultheis 6200 4WD Leon Nixon
8000 SS Adam Harris 6200 2WD Jeff Bartley
9300 SF Adam Harris    
Region 5      
7500 MOD Jack Kielmeyer 6200 4WD Carol Suchy
8000 SS Don Storjohann 6200 2WD Corey Kielmeyer
9300 SF Bill Figanbaum    



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