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2009 RN Champions

Region 2      
Lt MOD Tony Schmeising 6200 4WD Dan Bosch
7500 MOD Don Deane 6200 2WD Tarry Feiss
6200 SS Travis Morphet 2050 MINI Doug Aulbach
8000 SS Kent Payne 9300 SF Shawn Wildermuth
10,000 PS Jeff/ Mike Palmer 7500 SSDT Cory Atley
Region 3      
7500 MOD Bret Berg 6200 4WD Todd Scalzo
6200 SS Red Thunder PT 6200 2WD Chad Christensen
8000 SS B Barfnecht/ R Peterson 9300 SF Wayne Lamoureux
Region 4      
7500 MOD Todd Feiss 6200 2WD John Gott
8000 SS Rob Crutchfield 7500 SSDT Cindy Atkins
6200 4WD Peyton Davis    
Region 5      
7500 MOD Bret Berg 6200 4WD Carol Suchy
9300 SF Bill Figanbaum 6200 2WD Chad Christensen



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