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2010 RN Champions

Region 2      
7500 MOD Wayne Krider 6200 4WD Dave Closser
6200 SS Travis Morphet 6200 2WD Jeff Writsel
8000 SS Chris Gettinger 2050 MINI Tim Rea
8500 LPS Mike Palmer 9300 SF T Sietsema/ A Smits
10,000 PS Ryan Walters 7500 SSDT Shane Kellogg
Region 3      
7500 MOD Ricky Rose 6200 4WD Kay Gueningsman
6200 SS Marcus Wettleson 6200 2WD Dustin Amundson
8000 SS Gary Wipf 7500 SSDT Corey Atley
9300 SF Dean Holicky PS SEMI Kevin Hagen
Region 4      
7500 MOD Paul Koontz 2050 MINI Larry Flood
8000 SS Rob Crutchfield 6200 4WD RB Moler
9300 SF Adam Cox 6200 2WD John Gott
Region 5      
7500 MOD Ricky Rose 6200 4WD Jamie Busch
6200 SS Marcus Wettleson 6200 2WD Corey Kielmeyer
8000 SS Bob Gansemer PS SEMI Kevin Hagen
9300 SF Dave Pedley    
Region 6      
8000 SS Brandon Hunt    
6200 2WD Keith Slayden    



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