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2014 RN Champions

Region 2      
7500 MOD Don Deane 9300 SF Jon/ Ty Mowrey
6200 SS Matt Rausch 2050 MINI Scott Eighmey
8000 SS Ed Johnson 6200 4WD Chris Taylor
10,000 PS J Cespedes/ T Stone 6200 2WD Alex Ort
8500 LtPS Tom Shafer 7500 SSDT Carl Atley
9500 LPS Brad Boldry    
Region 3      
8000 SS Guy Blechinger 6200 4WD Bill/ Carol Suchy
8000 SSD Bruce Barfnecht 6200 2WD Wayne Timmerman
9500 LPS Mike/ Steve Bousema 8000 PSDT Dave Carlson
9300 SF Kevin Lindstrom    
Region 4      
7500 MOD Don Deane 2050 MINI Larry Flood
8000 SS Marty Harrell 6200 4WD Randy Brann
9300 SF Marvin McDonald 6200 2WD Allen Brown
Region 5      
6200 SS Glen Frese 6200 4WD Kay Gueningsman
8000 SSD Travis Schlabach 6200 2WD AJ Riedl
9500 LPS Steve Bousema 8000 PSDT Wes Kusilek
9300 SF Travis Ties    
Region 6      
6200 SS Jay Fuqua    
8000 SS Robert Galloway    



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