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2015 RN Champions

Region 2      
7500 MOD Don Deane 9300 SF S Masten/ A Whaley
6200 SS James Hart 2050 MINI Dave Lacey
8000 SS Kent Payne 6200 4WD Layton Seggebruch
10,000 PS Mike Palmer 6200 2WD Marty Clock
8500 LtPS Scott Webb 7500 SSDT Shane Kellogg
9500 LPS Brad Boldry    
Region 3      
6200 SS Bryce Pichler 9300 SF Alan Cook
8000 SS Guy Blechinger 6200 4WD Julie Haekenkamp
8000 SSD Dave Henderson 6200 2WD Wayne Timmerman
9500 LPS Steve Bousema 8000 PSDT Shane Wurm
Region 4      
7500 MOD Randy Davis 2050 MINI Larry Flood
8000 SS Adam Harris 6200 4WD Randy Brann
9300 SF Chris Hales 6200 2WD Allen Brown
Region 5      
6200 SS Joe Degenhardt 9300 SF Phil Kelley
8000 SSD Degenhardt PT 6200 4WD Dave O'Connor
10,000 PS Jason Miller 6200 2WD RJ Simon
9500 LPS Bill Figanbaum 8000 PSDT Chad Schmidt
Region 6      
6200 SS Marty Chandler 9300 SF Brad Woods
8000 SS Kent Payne 6200 2WD Robert McCarley
10,000 PS Jon Hancock    



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