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2017 RN Champions

Region 2      
7500 MOD Ryan Writsel 9300 SF Stan Warda
6200 SS George Everett 2050 MINI Dave Lacey
8000 SS John Pfeiffer 6200 4WD Steve Elchinger
10,000 PS Ryan Walters 6200 2WD (E) Jeff Writsel
8500 LtPS (E) Kendall Houk 6200 2WD (W) Randy Petro
8500 LtPS (W) Mike Palmer 7500 SSDT Cody Hastings
9500 LPS Brad Boldry 8000 PSDT Rob Wright
Region 3      
7500 MOD Corey Kielmeyer 9500 LPS Kevin Lindstrom
6200 SS Kevin Lynn 9300 SF Kyle Larson
8000 SS Guy Blechinger 2050 MINI Chad Timmerman
8000 SSD Dave Henderson 6200 4WD Matt Davis
8500 LtPS Alan Cook 6200 2WD Dustin Amundson
Region 4      
7500 MOD Chip Street 2050 MINI Dave Lacey
8000 SS Ron Strickland 6200 4WD Bunky Davis
8500 LtPS Mark Garrett 6200 2WD Steve Willson
9300 SF Dan McDonald    
Region 5      
6200 SS Bryce Pichler 9300 SF Phil Kelley
8000 SS Ken Witt 2050 MINI Nathan Hoffman
8000 SSD Guy Blechinger 6200 4WD Jamie Busch
9500 LPS Jeremy Ploetz 6200 2WD Dustin Amundson



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