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1977 RN Champions

Region 1      
5200 MOD Larry Jones 5500 SS Dale Smoker
7200 MOD John Shaul 7500 SS Mark & Tony Stauffer
9200 MOD John Shaul 9500 SS Harry Griest
12,200 UNL Harry Griest 12,200 SS Robert Riggs
Region 2      
5200 MOD Hileman Bros 5500 SS Merrill Smith
7200 MOD Hileman Bros 7500 SS Cates Bros
9200 MOD Hileman Bros 9500 SS Danny Dean
12,200 UNL Ron Barga 12,200 SS Dave Stangle
Region 3      
5200 MOD Ronnie Reed 5500 SS Lussetto Bros
7200 MOD Al Swanson 7500 SS Dave Sinks
9200 MOD Gary Sporhase 9500 SS Ken Brabec
12,200 UNL Stan Goltl 12,200 SS Stan Goltl
Region 4      
5200 MOD Bruce Hutcherson 5500 SS Volland & Lucas
7200 MOD Bruce Hutcherson 7500 SS Jimmy Grubbs
9200 MOD Banter Bros 9500 SS Danny Dean
12,200 UNL Dave Haley 12,200 SS Danny Dean



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