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1988 RN Champions

Region 1      
7200 MOD Gary Mills 6200 4WD Hylton Clark
9200 MOD Tim Engler 5800 2WD Ron Farley
7500 SS Ted Dibble 6200 2WD Jim Brockmann
9500 SS Bret Berg 12,000 PS John Wilkins
Region 2      
5800 MOD Paul Norman 6200 4WD Lem Freday
7200 MOD Frank Brawley 5800 2WD Darrell Standard
9200 MOD Frank Brawley 6200 2WD Kevin Martin
5500 SS John Predovic 1600 MINI Ken Ward
7500 SS Ronnie Goodrich 1800 MINI Steve Dority
9500 SS Bobby Bess 10,000 PS Mike Snider
Region 3      
7200 MOD Bill Leischner 6200 4WD Bud Jaske
9200 MOD Bill Leischner 5800 2WD Ted Pertzborn
7500 SS Bill Beschta 6200 2WD Wayne Timmerman
9500 SS Bill Beschta    
Region 4      
7200 MOD Tie 5800 2WD Floyd Hilton
9200 MOD Troy Warschkow 6200 2WD DeWayne Ogden



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